In Numbers

We have emerged as a leader in Texas events. In 2014 we produced...

Each show utilizes a combination of our services and in 2014 delivered a live audience reach of 315,220.

Case Study

  1. Initial conversation about show with agent.
  2. Offer submitted. Follow up with agent.
  3. Seek like minded sponsors. Discussions begin.
  1. Revised offer submitted. Confirmation. Aftershow booking.
  2. Promotional artwork for poster created. Yes, we still believe in posters.
  3. Sponsor brand moment within show artwork.
  1. Ticket link goes live on Queue.
  2. Website communicates with Mohawk venue app.
  3. Show anounced on Transmission website.
  4. Web and ticketing promote sponsorship moment.
  1. Social media promotion designed.
  2. Show announced on social media to our online audience of 607,302.
  3. Posters (100 pieces) & handbills (2,500 pieces) distributed by street team.
  4. Sponsorship moments within social media presentation.
  1. Booking of transportation and accomodation.
  2. Eblast to ~70,000 subscribers, specifically vetted and interested in music, art, film, comedy, and action sports.
  3. Sponsorship promotion within Eblast.
  1. Pick up artist in a sweet van. Provide hospitality.
  2. Load in of equipment stage management and set up.
  3. Provide backline equipment for show.
  4. Create live social media moment.
  5. Sponsor activation at event and within social media.
  1. Social media post recap on the show.
  2. Finish accounting, upload data to Queue and TE datasets. Pay Artist.
  3. Sponsorship moment within social media recap completes the promotion.

Transmission Events

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