Location Services

If you are booking a creative event in Austin, and you need space to host it, then you probably have come to the right website. Transmission Events specializes in locating, negotiating, and designing event spaces for groups in and out of Austin. There is no limit to our location services – whether you want a traditional venue or off-the-beaten-path warehouse or a specifically designed set, TE can help you. We have produced events at parks (including Waterloo Park and Auditorium Shores in Austin), swimming pools, lazer tag facilities, churches, empty parking lots, house parties, and of course clubs and bars. In short, you name it, we’ll find it. Once an appropriate setting is finalized, TE is available to help book, produce, and promote as well. Transmission Events is a one-stop shop for all aspects of creating a successful, talked about, fun, and memorable event.

These are examples of venues and locations that we have worked with in the past. Whether it be producing events or booking shows, these are some of our favorite places to do it:



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