Should You Bring Your Dog To Concerts?

While visiting concerts many people take their pets with them which is not right. If you are one of them and act similarly for pampering your dog then you should read this write-up until the end to know why it is not wise to bring a dog to concerts.

According to experts, it is harmful to dogs to bring them to concerts due to various reasons, like:


The intensity and loudness of the sound at the concerts usually remain at 120 decibels which can be harmful even for humans. Dogs are more sensitive to sound as compared to humans. Humans can be uncomfortable with sounds louder than 85 decibels.


The boom and vibrations from the huge crowd and the speakers can disturb your dog even if he is deaf. Even humans can feel the vibrational boom in their body after staying for a short time to watch the concert from near the stage. After some time one has to go away from the stage to feel comfortable.


Even many musicians who were playing music for a long time have lost their hearing capability. You can easily imagine what will happen to the hearing capability of your dog when you will bring him to a concert. He has to deal not only with a huge crowd but also louder sounds which can affect their hearing ability as well as give the stress.


Bringing dogs to the concerts can also be harmful to the entire environment as they usually tend to poop and pee whenever they have to do it.


When you bring your dog o a concert then it can be a disturbing situation for others. Some people do not feel free and enjoy during concerts when some animal is around them. It can be due to their concern about their safety, liability, noise, and cleanliness.

So, if for pampering your dog you want to bring him to concerts then you should take some careful steps to make it less harmful for them.

  • You should put earphones on the ears of your dog to protect them from louder sounds like many parents use earphones on the ears of their babies and younger children while going to the places with louder sounds like concerts etc.
  • You should avoid taking your dog to the concerts even if they are free.
  • The organizers of the concerts should not allow bringing any kind of animals to the venue.
  • Rule and regulations regarding bringing animals to outdoor events like free concerts should be applied more strictly.
  • Even parents should not be allowed to bring their young children and babies to concerts and other similar events as children are also as sensitive to loud sounds as dogs are.

Thus, it is not good to bring your dog to the concerts as it can be harmful to them as well as discomforting for others. Instead of pampering your dog at a concert, you should treat him at your home as you cannot keep him in your car while enjoying the concert.

5 Things Every Music Lover Has In Common

When you love music, you will have a ton of things in common with other people who also love music. The first would be keeping tickets of your favorite concerts that you’ve been to. You could keep it in your wallet or lying down somewhere in your room. The point is you would not want to lose it because you would want to treasure those memories forever. Another would be having records of your favorite artist. Since you love that artist so much, you would not be contented with downloading their mp3s. You would want the complete album as that would feature a short background about them. You may even be tempted to put the mp3s in your car so you can spend the entire night listening to their songs. That is such a great experience because you would want to dance to the songs’ beat until you feel a bit tired. You can even put the mp3s on a USB then put it in your car so that you will feel great about what to expect during the entire road trip. Of course, you would want to put more music into the USB whenever you feel that there are new songs you should listen to in your car which is nice.

The third thing you would have in common with other music lovers would be liking the Facebook pages of your favorite artists as well as following them on Instagram and Twitter. As a fan, you would want to be updated regarding their next concerts. You would definitely be punching yourself if they had a concert there and you were not able to catch it. In fact, it would be no surprise if you would prioritize their posts so that it would show up first in your feed. It would be great if that happens so you can share the good news right away with your friends. It won’t be long before you become deemed as some kind of a spammer but you are just doing it for the love of your favorite artist. There is nothing wrong with liking all your artist’s posts as it would signal how much you love them. Besides, you would want to show support for them so they won’t stop doing what you want them to do and that is making great music.

One thing you have in common with other music lovers is having speakers in your home. You will certainly want to play a lot of music when you are at home. When you can’t sleep, it can be what will get you feeling easy so it will only be a matter of time before you get some shut-eye. Finally, the last thing you can have in common with other music lovers is having earphones or huge headphones. You can listen to music while in transit so you would not feel bored. You can even sing your favorite songs while running a few rounds and you will feel proud of that.

The Best Nightlife in Austin, TX

You can’t go wrong when you are a night person in Austin TX. You will experience the best nightlife in Austin TX when you bar hop through several night clubs that will give you a great time. Plush is a nice club that will give you nice music and a wide range of drinks. The DJ also plays awesome music so it won’t be long before everyone gets on the groove. The Roosevelt Room is another wonderful place to go to. One look at the bar and you would want to order a ton of drinks before you know it is time to go because you drank a lot. It is also a great place to meet a lot of other party-goers in Austin whether you are young or old. Age should not be a factor that would discourage you from going out. White Horse has live music and that is stupendous for those who like that type of music. You can chill with your friends while grooving to the music. Of course, it is not a bad option to just sit down and share the latest stories with people you have not seen for quite a long time. If you are hungry, you can always go to the taco truck outside and you know you will eat some delicious food.

The Continental Club has been serving Texans for quite a number of years mainly because of their wonderful service. Also, they are in a nice location so if you are feeling hungry you can always dine in at the nearby restaurants. In fact, you can also enjoy the nice music there as there are times when there is rock music while the are days when they have country music. Better check in advance if you would like the music before going and they only have a few seats so a reservation is indeed a must. One bar that has a nice decoration is Kitty Cohen’s as they also have a well-trained staff who would want nothing more than to serve you in the best way possible. Add that to the fact that they have nice music so you can’t blame yourself if you dance to the groove right away. Violet Crown Social Club is a place that is pretty affordable compared to the other clubs on this list. The servers are pretty passionate about what they do so they would want nothing more than to serve you ice cold drinks. If you want some nice entertainment, there is always Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar. From the name itself, they have a bunch of dueling pianos so your head is going to be rocking all the time. They also have a lot of talented servers as they won’t hesitate to sing whenever they feel right to do so. Furthermore, they have a wide range of specialty cocktails that would cater to the young and old audience. You know you are right at home when you sit back and relax at this bar.