Examples Of Songs That Were Written For Dogs

Dogs are man’s best friend. It’s cliche but it’s true. Dogs are beloved animals and true dog lovers know that dogs are more than just pets, they are true companions and will do everything to keep the dog calm. Even musicians love dogs and there are many songs in history that were inspired or are dedicated to dogs. You may have heard some of these songs but didn’t know that they are about dogs. Below are examples of songs that were written for dogs.

Martha My Dear by The Beatles

The subject of the song Martha My Dear by the Fab Four is not a female human being but a canine, an Old English Sheepdog to be exact. Martha is Paul McCartney’s first dog. Paul loves Marth so much and that’s why he wrote a song especially for her. The song was included in the famous White Album, which was released in 1968. Paul described Martha as a very cuddly dog and it’s one of the reasons why Martha endeared herself to him. Even John Lennon, Paul’s bandmate, was amazed at how Paul loved the dog.

Old King by Neil Young

Neil Young is considered a rock and roll legend. But few people know that the Canadian singer and songwriter has a soft spot for animals, particularly dogs. His song Old King was dedicated to a Hound dog he used to have named Elvis. Neil took Elvis on the road with him when he was on tour. Elvis was not only a dog to Neil, he was a true friend. Neil even admitted that he used to tell Elvis everything that is going on in his life. Old King was included in Neil’s 1992 album entitled Harvest Moon.

Seamus by Pink Floyd

Pink Floyd is another famous rock and roll band from England. They were formed in 1965 and then became one of the most iconic groups in the history of rock music. If you’re a fan of Pink Floyd, then for sure you’ve heard of the song Seamus that was part of their album called Meddle. Seamus is the name of a dog but he doesn’t belong to any member of Pink Floyd. Seamus is the dog of Stephen Marriott, a guitar player for a relatively unknown band called Small Faces. Stephen is a close friend of David Gilmour, Pink Floyd’s frontman. David was inspired to write the song after he saw the close relationship between Seamus and Stephen. In the song, you can even hear Seamus grunting and howling.

Cracker Jack by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton is a legendary country music singer and a recognizable figure even outside of music. She has also won several awards and a hall of fame. Her songs have consistently graced the charts in different parts of the world. One of these songs is Cracker Jack and it’s a song written by Dolly for her late puppy. Dolly described Cracker Jack as a very devoted dog and the best friend that she ever had. Cracker Jack is a very catchy song and when you listen to it, you’ll definitely want to cuddle up with your canine companion.